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We've been traveling the world together for three years and show no signs of stopping.

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Hacker Paradise is a diverse community of professionals working remotely and experiencing the world. To date, 512 people from 51 countries have participated in our trips (often repeatedly), making our family’s skill range great.

In 2014, our founders Casey and Alexey started Hacker Paradise as a way to help remote workers have a sense of community and get intellectual stimulation while traveling.

Our goals are different, but we all share at least one trait: ambition — ambition to complete passion projects, ambition to boost careers and ambition to engage in unfamiliar cultures.

Diverse & Exciting
Be More Than A Tourist

what do

We take care of logistics; you get productive. Our facilitators find the best co-living and co-working spaces (wi-fi has got to be fast!), so there’s nothing getting in the way of your work

We organize skill shares, goal shares, potlucks, networking events, and social nights out for professional and personal development. We scout out all our locations in advance thoroughly to make your transition smooth and to be able to answer any of your questions. All you need is to book your flights, organize your visa and bring along the projects you’re working on.

when do

Everyone has their own exciting projects, so you choose your own work schedule and personal routine. You get the freedom of a solo traveler with the benefits of a working community. All activities are optional, so they won’t get in the way of any big deadlines. But we welcome you to join in as many professional activities as possible such as workshops and talks.

In the past we’ve had guest speakers like Leo Widrich (co-founder of Buffer), Taavi Kotka (CIO of Estonia) and Matz (creater of Ruby) share their expert knowledge with us, so the benefits are beyond words. Check out our professional development page for more info!

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300 trips and 500 participants

where have

Since 2014 we’ve ran over 30 trips and had over 500 participants travel with us to Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Italy, Portugal, South Korea, Argentina, Peru, Japan, Bali, Cambodia, and South Africa. Together we’ve hiked active volcanos, gone on safari, tracked down dragons, sailed the Mediterranean, trekked Machu Picchu, fine dined at Michelin Star restaurants,  celebrated at the Full Moon Party, dove with sharks and more!  Check out our upcoming trips and join the fun!

a little more

Hacker Paradise was started in 2014 from the need to escape from the typical startup hustle that can leave people burnt out and disillusioned with the startup world. By allowing people to change their environment, we set up a nomadic community where they are more motivated and inspired to accomplish their goals–whether those be professional or personal.


Work & Travel Easy

our culture and

We aim to help people grow professionally while getting out to experience the world. We want to create a community for people who care about experiences more than possessions but still value getting things done and making a difference in our communities.

We believe in some core values: 

Community first 
Diversity & Inclusivity
Engagement & Empathy
We also have fun
Lots and lots of fun

how do

Applying is easy! If you want to find out more about how awesome this program is, apply now and sign up for a time to chat with one of our facilitators to answer questions and see if you’re ready for the Hacker Paradise experience.

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Our Organizers

Troubleshooting, rose-drinking, karaoke-singing, and all-round superheroes, our kick-ass support staff are destined to become your new BFFs.

Dani Dirks

Dani Dirks

Dani Dirks is a software developer, avid adventurer, sunset chaser, and purveyor of mischief. Before joining Hacker Paradise, Dani was a full-stack developer and UX designer for Build.com, an online home improvement company in Northern California. In her free time she writes and performs her own music, is the queen of HP karaoke and is strongly addicted to iced coffee and morning workouts .

Renata Aquino

Renata Aquino

Renata co-founded two businesses in Brazil and a social project focused on startups. Passionate about building communities and collaborative environments, she’s been working in this space for eight years before becoming a Trip Leader for Hacker Paradise. She chases summer around the world on a quest to find the best ice cream.

Sara Magnabosco

Sara Magnabosco

Sara, from Italy, joined Hacker Paradise as Trip Facilitator after spending four years in rainy Belgium running one of the most active coworking space in Europe. With a background in Sociology, she loves being surrounded by people and help them to connect and create meaningful relationships. Tea drinker by day, she never refuses a beer at night.

Yakir Starosta

Yakir joins us as a facilitator after traveling the world working remotely in corporate relations and growing his own e-commerce store. A big lover of electronic music, he started his own record label and also manages artists. If you are looking for off the beaten path adventures, the best coffee, and alternative nightlife spots, Yakir is the one to follow.

Spencer Jenztch

Spencer Jenztch

Spencer is the CEO of Hacker Paradise! He has a background in Korean Linguistics and cognitive neuroscience. Before joining us, Spencer taught collegiate Korean, worked briefly at Samsung, spent several years as a project manager at Epic, a Wisconsin-based health-tech company. He has spent 5+ years living, studying, and working abroad.

Dale Johnson

Dale Johnson

A visualiser by day and doodler by night, Dale lives and breathes creativity. Before joining us his time was spent co-running a branding agency, lecturing software skills and design principles and illustrating for a wide range of clients. He’s tasted the nomad lifestyle before, spending previous summers in Europe and the US.

Borislav Hristov

Borislav Hristov

Boris has a background in International Business Management. Before joining HP, he worked briefly for ASML, the largest supplier of lithography systems in the semiconductor industry and Outpost, one of the best co-working spaces in Bali. He has lived/worked/studied on 3 continents and travelled to over 20 countries in the last 4 years.

Casey Rosengren

Casey Rosengren

Casey is one of the founders at Hacker Paradise. Before starting Hacker Paradise, he spent a number of years in the startup scenes in Philadelphia and Tokyo. He is also the founder of the Gopher Gala and of Recess Labs.

Upcoming Trips

Come travel with us now! We're accepting participants for all trips in 2018.

Playa Del Carmen

July 29 - September 8

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


July 29 - September 8

Seoul, South Korean

Buenos Aires

September 9 - November 3

Buenos Aires, Argentina


September 9 - October 20

Split, Croatia

Cape Town

October 21 - December 15

Cape Town, South Africa


November 4 - December 15

Montevideo, Uruguay

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